Zee Spendies

What is Zee.elle Spend and Earn?

Zee Spendies is a loyalty programme that gives you point every time you leave a contribution or make a purchase. Collecting points is free for all Zee Baes as long as you remember to you log into your account before performing activity or making a purchase. If you do not have an account, please register before performing an activity or purchase.


How do I earn points?

Earning points is easy – you can earn points by leaving a review on a product or salon, sharing a photo, sharing a video and placing an order. You can spend points as soon as you earn.  Here’s a list of what you can contribute and how much it is worth

  • Product purchase - each $20 on purchase   = 100points
  • Salon review = 100 points
  • Recommend a salon = 100points
  • Helpful vote = 1 points
  • Text Review = 100p. You must make a valid purchase for points to be valid
  • Photo review = 200 – 800 points – after approval. Points will depend on quality and quantity of photo

Tip: Always ensure the product is the focus of the photo

  • Video review = 500 – 2000 points once approved depending on quality of video.

Tip: To aid video approval, please ensure Zeeelle or Zee Elle is in title and description of video


Spending Points

You can spend points making a purchase in our store. Each 100point gives you £1 off your purchase.  You can use points with coupon codes.

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